Onigiri Recipe(シャケおにぎりのレシピ)

English Recipe

◆Ingredients for Shake Onigiri

・Ryż do sushi 
・Smoked salmon

・Wash rice. Drain water and leave it about 30 minutes.
・Chop smoked salmon into pieces
・Pass Nori (seaweed) lightly over a flame (to make it crisp), and cut

◆ Cook rice
・Add water and heat it
(1 cup + 1 tablespoon water for 1 cup of rice) 
・Until boiling, high-medium heat.
 After boiling, very low heat

・ Heat for 20 minutes after boiling . (Don’t open the lid)

★The appropriate amount of water is up to the pot. 
My pot is “Vapor Sealed”, so it catches water well. If your pan is not air tight, it may be better to increase the amount of water a little.
(First, medium fire. After boiling, turn the fire to VERY small)
★If the fire is too strong, rice will get burned.

・After 20 minutes, put the 70-100g(as much as you like) smoked salmon and mix with rice ( don’t mash the rice)

・Close the lid the again and let steam for 10 minutes.
If it’s too hot to grab, put it in bowl to cool down.

◆ Making Onigiri
・Cover your hands with plastic lap and put some rice on it.
Then press the rice into a triangle.

・Decorate with Nori.