Onigiri with Green peas/corn rice.

English Recipe

I like Green peas rice. Small green balls in white rice looks cute 🙂
We sometimes bring it for Hanami(flower viewing).
Though, it’s a spring delicacy, not in season now.
(Still I sometimes see fresh green peas at Hala Mirowska)
So, I tried using corns instead of green peas.
I’ve never tried to make ‘sweet corn rice’ in Japan.(^^”)
But it looks cute also .


・Ryż do sushi :1cup
・Green peas or corn: 3-4 table spoon
・ Dashi-no-moto(Japanese bouillon):1mg
・ Pinch of Salt

・Wash rice. Drain water and leave it about 30 minutes.
・Hull the beans
・If you make ‘corn rice’, microwave corns for 1 minute. (or boil 3 minutes and drain water well)

◆ Cook rice
・Add water with Dashi-no-moto and heat it
(1 cup + 1 tablespoon water for 1 cup of rice) 
・Until boiling, high-medium heat.
 After boiling, very low heat

・ Heat for 20 minutes after boiling . (Don’t open the lid)

★The appropriate amount of water is up to the pot. 
My pot is “Vapor Sealed”, so it catches water well. If your pan is not air tight, it may be better to increase the amount of water a little.
(First, medium fire. After boiling, turn the fire to VERY small)

After heating 20 minutes, turn off the fire and put green peas(or prepared corns) and slightly mix with rice.

・Close the lid the again and let steam for 10 minutes

★ If your pan doesn’t have enough Heat retaining, microwave green peas for 1 min before put them into the pan.

◆ Making Onigiri
・Cover your hands with plastic lap and put some rice on it.
Then press the rice into a triangle.

I’m sorry, I forgot to take a picture of Green peas Onigiri (^^”)

There may be more delicious rice, but I often use ‘Hangiri rice’ that is sold at kuchnie świata. It’s not bad for the price.
However, quality of rice is not same as in Japan. That is why I cook rice with green peas, corns, smoked salmon, etc.

I bought the Dashi-no-moto (in the picture) in Japan. You can buy similar products in Asian food shop like Kuchnie świata.